Capital Stage partnered with Solarcentury for a better future

// December 19, 2017

Having a strategic partnership with Solarcentury, Capital Stage has the access to a number of solar parks in Europe and Mexico for the next over three years. This make Capital Stage to grow their potential generating capacity from about 1.4 GW to around 2.5 GW.

‘The strategic partnership with Solarcentury is an important milestone for Capital Stage. It gives us exclusive access to a highly attractive asset pipeline in close cooperation with a veteran solar power developer and operator. Furthermore, it marks the transition to a more transparent and plannable growth strategy. Strategic partnerships like this will allow us to continue to expand our portfolio of solar and wind assets, and introduce new technologies such as energy storage’. – Capital Stage chief executive Dierk Paskert.


Solarcentury will have a further boost in advanced internationally and core target markets throughout Europe and Latin America with the help of Capital Stage. It will have stages in order to make this strategic partnership a successful. Firstly, Capital Stage will get an access to solar parks in Europe with a generating capacity of some 363MW and these include a 300MW solar photovoltaic plant in Spain, 46 MW in Netherlands and 17 MW in France. Capital Stage will also invest in these solar parks on a fully or a majority-owned basis.

‘Battery energy storage is an option for the future which we will evaluate over the next months and years. We, as an investor in PV assets, are aware that storage will have a more important role in the future’. – Added Dierk Paskert.


Other than that, they had come up with an additional access of a dynamic secondary renewable energy market in the United Kingdom due to Solarcentury who knows all the major participants in the market and owned a generating capacity of around 700 MW.

To conclude this article, as what Thomas Edison mentioned in 1931;

‘we are like tenant farmers chopping down the fence around our house for fuel, when we should be using Nature’s inexhaustible sources of energy. I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy’.




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