Exercise & Gain Electricity

// November 28, 2017

Getting electricity with ease is just simple as snapping your fingers in developed nations such as Singapore, United States, Australia, New Zealand, countries of Western Europe, Canada, Japan, Republic of Korea and some Arab states.

But does this electricity helps to reduce down the global warming effect? As we all know, major part of electricity generates from burning of fossil fuel. This fossil fuel power plants burn carbon fuels such as coal, oil or gas to generate steam that drives large turbines that produce electricity. This is the fastest way to get electricity. However, by this method, it produce a large amount of carbon dioxide which causes climate change. It can produce other pollutants such as sulphurous oxides which causes acid rain.

Other than the effect on climate change, half of the world population aren’t able to enjoy 24 hours of electricity. But one man tried to change this situation in a better way. CEO Manoj Bhargava of Living Essentials had come up with an idea of using a simple stationary bike to generate 24 hours of electricity.

‘The electricity is very inconsistent. Sometimes it works for 15 days, then it doesn’t. It’s very difficult.’

– One of the resident in Lucknow, India.

Since Bhargava’s idea is not a gird-based power, many have argued about that the underprivileged communities are more in need of it. But Bhargava tells Fox News that –

‘grid-based power isn’t a solution for people who are poor. The real thing is to get the poor out of poverty, and one of the basics is energy.’



How It Works:

  • When a person peddles, the wheel on the bicycle will drive a flywheel, which turns a generator.
  • This will charge a battery, providing enough electricity for 24 hours after just an hour of peddling.
  • With no connection to the ‘grid’, this bike can provide electricity anywhere, as long there’s someone there to peddle it.




Now you have no excuses of stating that you have no time to exercise. One hour of peddling give you up to 24 hours of electricity and lower cost of paying the bills.





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