graphene – ‘material of god’

// December 12, 2017

Representing a new great technological revolution, Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon nano-material the thickness of an atom. In spite of being so fine and light, it is the most resistant material in nature and has many other properties such as transparency, elasticity, lightness and its thermal and electrical conductivity, which makes it one of the most considered and studied materials in the current science. It has incredible mechanical, electronic, chemical, magnetic and optical properties that have made it one of the most nano-materials today. Being a pure carbon, it is rich in nature and ecological.

‘I see graphing Nano as a booster rocket for this earth shot. We’ll spend more on energy than everything else combined over the next twenty five years’ – John Picard, entrepreneur.

GRABAT, a company of GRAPHENO GROUP and their strategic partner CHINT, has come out with batteries storage systems based in graphene technology. It allows greater energy density, which increase its capacity, lighter and more compact than the convectional ones, and lesser charging time due to far higher loading and unloading speeds. These batteries will have an energy density of 1,000 Wh/kg and have a voltage of 2.3V. It is safe and does not facing with any potential explosion like lithium batteries and even after being short-circuited, the battery is able to return to work with 60% of the load. Currently they released three application of GRABAT. Bike battery, drone battery and home battery.





‘That’s tech, that’s medical, that’s education, that’s government, that’s agriculture, that’s everything never and not even close to what we’ll spend on energy’ – John Picard, entrepreneur.

By 2019, GRAPHENO GROUP will have made a turnover of 3,000 – 4,000 million euros.




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