GUI Event (1st Farmer’s Market) – 16 March 2019

// March 17, 2019

On the 16th of March ,  Narada Asia Pacific had a booth over at 1st Farmer’s Market at GUI (Ground Up Initiative) Kampung Kampus.

Through this event, Narada hopes to represent the energy industry to educate the public and spread awareness about the energy storage and battery industry through fun activities that everyone is free to come and join.

The role of Narada in this event is to represent the energy industry to educate and spread awareness towards the general public on topic such as renewable energy, energy storage, batteries and so on,  and organzied fun activities to attract the public come and join us.

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We had some activities lined up including a crossword puzzle, energy trivia quiz and kinetic bicycle set.

A kinetic bicycle was showcased together with Narada’s Booth, the general public are free to try out riding the bicycle. When the bicycle is pedaled, the strip of LED lights will light up, showcasing how energy is generated and converted. Through this, the public will now know on a basic level how electricity can be generated and where the energy comes from.





The crossword puzzle contains words related to Narada as a company and the battery & energy storage industry as a whole. This puzzle lets the public learn more about the Narada and what we provide to the industry and what we can provide to the general public as well. 

Once the puzzle is completed, the participant will recieve a gift of appreciation from us.



We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our participants for being so enthusiastic and trying out our activities and also to Ground-Up Initiative for giving us this chance to set up our booth for the 1st Farmers’ Market Event.


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