Lithium-ion Battery Training – 12 April 2016

// April 18, 2016
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We had just completed the Lithium-ion battery training in Philippines last week on 12 April 2016, with more than 40 participants from Globe filled up the whole room.

The participants are very very attentive and asked many questions pertaining to the lithium-ion battery. The team from Narada and local partner had manage to address the problem and issue that they are facing for implementing the lithium-ion batteries on site.

The training gave the insight of Narada Litihium-ion battery module design, features and its benefits. With live demonstration of the battery charge and discharge  process, and BMS protection test.

Beside the technical learning, the trainers and the team had good interaction with the participants over the lunch and coffee breaks, that made another successful milestone to NPS for organizing this training.

We appreciate very much for your valuable feedback and support.

Talk soon.
James Wong – Head of Marketing