Narada Battery Training 2019

// September 24, 2019

On Friday, 20 September 2019, Narada Asia Pacific Pte Ltd organised a Battery training for our fellow partners to learn and to present from one another.



Our partners who attended this battery training were Hioki Singapore Pte. Ltd. , Success Transformer Pte. Ltd. and Right People Renewable Energy.


WhatsApp Image 2019-09-20 at 16.59.53

The first person to present was Mr Peter Ng representing Narada. The presentation was related to Narada operations, the different battery types and how our batteries was tested to be safe to be in the market.



Next to present was Success Transformer Pte Ltd. Their presentation was regarding how they manufactured the different types of transformers and the importance of transformers in an electrical system.



Last to present was Hioki Singapore Pte Ltd. They manufactured measuring instruments to test for the power quality electrical systems. Narada has been using Hioki measuring instruments for many years and they have not failed Narada.



In this photo, we conducted a test on the power quality of Narada Batteries under the supervision of the Narada Engineering team together with the Hioki Product Marketing Engineer. The engineers of Narada also took the opportunity to learn how to operate the new measuring instruments from Hioki.


Attached below is a video of the Battery Training.


Article done by: Marcus Lau and Muhd Azrifh Zikry

Photos and video done by: Julius Tan

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