Pulau Ubin Home Power For Ah Kok

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// September 7, 2015
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Collaboration project between Narada and Ngee Ann

Pulau Ubin is an island off coast of Singapore which is home to many wildlife and serves as a nature reserve for leisure as well as an education hub for families and students alike. Our focus concerns an old man known as “Ah Kok” who lives in Pulau Ubin. His house is located at a relatively rural area where electricity is not readily available.

Narada Cares Power For Home

His house utilizes a generator which runs on diesel and the price of diesel is gradually getting more expensive. Therefore, Ah Kok’s brother buys it in huge quantity, approximately 300 barrels of diesel. The diesel barrels are also extremely hard to transport due to its large size and weight. As a result, an alternative power source would be ideal to solve Ah Kok’s problems.

Together Narada and Ngee Ann Polytechnic volunteers to support the needs of the electric power for Ah Kok’s house. Narada provide relevant engineering support and expertise to Ngee Ann interns on this project, as well as carry out technical capacity building with Ngee Ann in bringing technology to people and communities and addressing many of the most pressing needs of rural families.

The aim of the project is to install a system which utilizes solar energy to supply power to the water pump. The entire system will consist of solar panels, MPPT charge controller, an inverter, batteries and water pump.

The solar PV system will comprise of solar panels, a MPPT solar charge controller, an inverter, Narada batteries, circuit breakers for protection of the circuit and a battery rack that I have designed.

This PV system will feature 3 different modes of operation. Mode 1 will direct power to the Orange Pumps HT210, 750W water pump. Mode 2 will direct the power to a few switched socket outlets (S/S/O). Mode 1 and Mode 2 can be changed manually using a switch. While Mode 3 will only be used as backup system using the existing diesel generator, should the PV system fail to charge the batteries.

  • Mode 1 – Connected directly to Orange Pumps HT210
  • Mode 2 – System fails, switch to diesel generator

There will be three phases for this project carried out by the interns. First, the planning phase, where the students will complete the system design, purchase the different components for the circuit. Next, the testing phase, is to setup the system at workshop to test the system. And finally, the installation phase, is when the system has been tested and is working, the interns will take the system down and install it at the site located at Pulau Ubin.

More details and insight of the project development; please contact us via email info@narada-ap.com.

You will be provided with the following information:

  • The design of the entire solution with schematic diagram
  • Methods of sizing and calculation
  • The components of the system with specific model, type, size and dimension
    • PV Panels
    • Batteries
    • Cabinets
    • Inverters
    • Charges
    • MCBs
    • Switches
    • Cables
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