Solar Car can charge by itself

// December 5, 2017

Every mobile depends on fuels to move but sadly, we all know that these energy sources which is fossil fuels will eventually came with a dark side and starts to switch to a new energy source. With new energy sources like solar panel and wind power, the emission that we had been produced can be reduce hence it will help regarding to climate change. The Lightyear came out with a prototype of an electric car that works anywhere. Upon charging using solar power, making it possible for everyone to drive.

“You can drive electrically anywhere in the world” – Tessie Hartjes, Public Relations Officer, Lightyear.


But how about the design to get the best solar car? Well, to make a solar car works at it maximum power via the sunlight, it is to use many efficient solar cells. By giving the car a very dynamic shape and make it as light as possible, it will reduce the amount of power needed. For example a F1’s car, the creation of down force, to help push the car’s tires onto the track and improve cornering forces and minimization of drag, a product of air resistance which acts to slow the car down. Lightweight materials, lighter vehicle and lower drag, lower energy used.


The Lightyear’s mission is that from a fossil fueled powered lightyear to a solar powered lightyear.



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